Central Eyes

Get your eyes taken care of with a variety of our high quality services!

Comprehensive Eye

Dr. Miller will thoroughly assess your eyes to clearly understand your current situation and detect any vision problems or abnormalities. He will conduct this process to ensure you get only the most accurate findings and receive the full attention and care from an experienced doctor.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases

Following your eye examination results, Dr. Miller will diagnose the underlying problems of your condition. Afterward, he will formulate the best treatment plan tailored fit for you to help improve your eye health. We treat various conditions, including eye infections, styes, and remove foreign objects from the eye.

Expert Contact
Lens Fittings

If you need contact lenses, our expert eye doctor will find the proper type of contact lenses to help correct refractive errors and prevent eye strain. Central Eyes offer multiple options, including bifocal, astigmatism, and gas-permeable contact lenses.

Optical Boutique Frames

Central Eyes partners with the following brands to provide you with the most durable and aesthetic frames that will never go out of style. With us you will improve not only your vision but also the way you look and feel about yourself.

Contact Lens

With a variety of contact lens brand options, Central Eyes guarantees you only get top quality lenses that will provide you with the best vision and comfort at competitive pricing.

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