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See The World With Crystal Clear Vision

With over 30 years of experience, Central Eyes and Dr. Christopher Miller are ready to provide you with visionary eye care and visionary eyewear to let you view the world the way you’re supposed to.


Friendly and
Caring Staff

Latest Technology Eyewear
and Contacts

You can’t put a price on your eyesight

Blurred vision and eye strain are correctable issues that people struggle with daily.

Central Eyes is here to help you achieve optimum vision and eye health.

Poor Vision Prevents You from Living Your Best Life

Night-time Driving

Reading Small Print

Problems Wearing Contacts

Poor Fitting Eye Glasses

Computer Eye Strain

Central Eyes Gives Your Eyes The Premium Care They Deserve

At Central Eyes, we can improve your eyesight by properly prescribing eyeglasses or contact lenses. We also recommend treatment using the latest technology for each patient’s specific eye needs.

When you visit, Dr. Miller will perform a comprehensive eye exam and discuss your vision
concerns and questions.

He will give a diagnosis of any condition that requires a prescription or treatment plan, advice on protecting your eyes, including proper eye care habits and limiting certain activities that could damage them further.

With the experienced care and treatment we provide, Dr. Miller and his team will ensure that you have the best vision possible.

Central Eyes Has Over
30+ Years Of Experience

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Miller along with his qualified team, is ready to provide you with a premium eye care experience from beginning to end.

Dr. Miller meets every patient while providing a comprehensive eye examination with state-of-the-art equipment. He diagnoses and treats ocular conditions and diseases and specializes in complex contact lens fittings including gas permeable and scleral lens.

Here’s What People We've
Helped Are Saying

Tina Ventura

"Excellent! Dr. Miller is great and his staff is wonderful as well. Been going there for 6 years and recommend them to others. Great quality glasses as well."

Paul Adams

"I've been seeing Dr. Miller at Central Eyes for about 10 years. I never feel rushed and always walk out with a smile. He offers the epitome of customer service."

Loorie Vervoodt

"Dr. Miller is a great doctor, thorough, knowledgeable and kind, and the same reflects of his staff. I was especially amazed by the skill and patience of Michele."

Crystal Clear Vision In
3 Simple Steps

Perform Visual

We will conduct a complete diagnostic eye exam to check your visual acuity and uncover any signs of disease or damage.

Provide The Correct Prescription

We will provide your eye health and prescribe the most accurate prescription to maximize your eyesight.

Enjoy Life In Crystal Clear Quality

Once your eyeglasses are perfectly fit and adjusted you will soon experience the benefits of life in high definition.

What’s Included In Your
Appointment With Us

Complete Eye Diagnostic Exam
Dr. Miller will perform a 30 minute scheduled appointment start to finish, no technicians or assistants.

Extensive Eye Health Examination
From retinal cameras to computerized visual field testing, Dr. Miller will evaluate and educate you about your eye health.

Prescription Eyeglasses
We will prescribe the most accurate eyeglass prescription and provide the contacts that feel good and provide optimum vision.

Improve Your Eye Health
As Early As Today

Early diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions can help prevent further vision loss or damage. Delaying treatment may result in irreversible eye damage that progresses over time.

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