The Best Vision

If you want the best vision and clarity available to mankind, nothing comes close to the newest high-definition technology. It is called free form or digital. This is a revolutionary process that uses computer aided software. This will be the best progressive lens that anyone has ever tried or is just trying for the first time. This lens allows you to get all your natural vision back, which means you will be able to see at all distances.

Transition Adaptive Lenses

We offer the full family of Transition adaptive lenses, including the new Signature 8 and polarized Vantage lenses. Transition lenses will truly adapt to everyone’s different lifestyle needs.

Crizal and Zeiss

At Central Eyes, we are about giving our patients the clearest vision possible. We offer all our patients Crizal and Zeiss non-glare lenses. The benefits are amazing. Patients will see better and look better. This, of course, makes you feel better.